Discover Portugal Wine Tasting Experience

Discover Portugal Wine Tasting Experience

We set out with a clear mission:  we are here to unveil great Wines.  And our Discover Portugal wine tasting experience does just that.


We call it the 7+1 pack:  a trip around Portugal:

  1. Starting with a unique and refreshing Vinho Verde;
  2. Next up, a Rosé;
  3. Back to white with a special Douro Moscatel Galego;
  4. And a Castas staff favourite, Encruzado;
  5. We then move onto a Pinot Noir from our beautiful Coimbra;
  6. A complex red from the mesmerising Douro;
  7. A smooth Alentejo Red;
  8. And to top it off, a Moscatel or Late Harvest


If you are looking to get to know Portuguese wines, regions and grape varieties (we have over 300...!), this is the right place to start.

Our Simon will handhold you through a 2 hour crash course where we'll talk, drink well and experience a lot. We promise to talk less about tannins and more about everything else, harmonizing wine not only with food but also with music and friends.

Some quick notes on the Discover Portugal Wine Tasting Experience:

  • How much does it cost?  €50 per person;
  • Where is it?  Hosted at Castas da Vida, in the Cascais Market on Thursday afternoons (17h);
  • How long does it last?  Lasts approximately 2h;
  • How many wines will I try?  You will try 8 wines in total;
  • What is included?  tasting of 8 wines, some finger food to help you savour the wines, and a 10% discount on any purchases you make on the day (at the bar or to take home);
  • Is there a minimum/maximum number of people?  Yes - minimum 4, maximum 10 people.  We can do larger groups upon request, and even take the wine tasting experience to your house, office, or other venue;



Any other questions, drop us a note on, and we'll be happy to help!




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