About Castas

About Castas

We are here to unveil wines.

We are a small country that produces wines of globally acclaimed wines. These wines are not always from big producers, nor are they found in large stores and distributors. They are the wines of small and medium-sized producers.

The independents.

These Independents do not produce bottles in the thousands, they do not speak in enough volume to attract the big players, they make wine as taught by their grandmothers. These independents who dedicate themselves heart and soul to their wine, do not have time to create distribution channels, or to think about maximizing profits. These independents, storytellers and historians, captivate us and we want to share their stories. We want to deconstruct and simplify wines (but if you want a lesson, we can give one too).

We will talk, drink well and experience a lot. We promise to talk less about tannins and more about everything else, harmonizing wine not only with food but also with music, cinema, sports and friends.

#Unusual, we know.
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